Domestic Violence can mean any criminal offense or charge involving violence or the threat of violence committed by one person against the other while they are cohabiting. There is a wide range of acts that can be considered under this charge, from criminal mischief (where property is broken) to crimes in which people are significantly hurt. 
A Domestic Violence charge can impact your future opportunities and life plan.  Domestic violence convictions can be enhance-able and can restrict your Second Amendment Rights to own a firearm. These are some of the most sensitive, complicated and personal criminal cases. You deserve the best and most experiences criminal defense for your case. Adam Elmore has handled Domestic Violence cases throughout his entire career and knows every aspect of the laws and Utah Code.
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You can read more about Domestic Violence on the Court website, here.
If you or someone you know is a survivor of Domestic Violence, you can find national resources here, and local resources here.


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