Do you have a charge on your criminal record preventing you from getting that job, or following other life-changing opportunities? Adam Elmore is here to help you through the process of expungement and 402 reduction.
Expungement is the process of removing or erasing a criminal charge from your record. A certain amount of time is required before a charge can be expunged, depending on the level and type of conviction. A 402 Reduction is the process of reducing a criminal conviction to a lesser degree if you can meet certain qualifications. 
Both processes can be frustrating and confusing due to strict Court procedural rules. Adam can handle your expungement or 402 reduction and help to ease the stress of the process. If you do not qualify for expungement, don't give up just yet, because you may be able to pursue a Pardon.
Contact Adam today to schedule a consultation to determine if you are eligible for an Expungement or 402 Reduction.
You can read more about Expungement and 402 Reduction on the Court website, here.


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